The kitchen is the heart of the home. Personalize yours with endless options of colors, many different edge profiles, integrated sinks with drainboards, the design imagination is the only limitation.


A concrete sink will make a huge difference for your bathroom. With the choice of integral, vessel or trough basins of many styles, something will sure work for you.


Concrete is the perfect choice for your outdoor living space. Create the summer kitchen of your dreams, add a fire table to entertain your guests under the stars or simply add a custom piece of furniture to your outdoor entertaining space.

welcome to concrete creations…

Located in the capital city, we are serving all of North Dakota with precast artisan concrete. Precast meaning everything gets made in the studio and is then delivered like other stone top materials.

When choosing concrete, the client is able to control the design. Personalize your piece by choosing from an endless palate of colors which can be solid or finished to mimic natural stone. Inlaying objects such as wood, steel, stones, semi-precious objects and many more is another way to personalize your handcrafted product.

Concrete is made of sand, aggregates, portland cement, strength additives and water. Artisan concrete is mixed in house, each batch being measured out precisely to reach a desired consistency. Each job is measured accordingly so you only pay for what you get, not by the slab like other stones where you end up paying for product that is unused.

Once Mixed the concrete is placed in mold. The mold is what gives the concrete its shape and takes a skilled craftsman with an eye for attention to details to construct. When the concrete hardens and cures your product is then put through a series of finishing techniques to provide a lasting functional piece of concrete art.